Burritos - Chicken, Beef and Vegetarian

Belle & Roast Catering


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Freshly made Burritos handmade in our kitchens.  Burritos are freezer friendly and easily heat up in the microwave or the oven. 

Beef Burrito - Ground beef with chopped tomatoes, roast peppers, onions and corn, black beans and Spanish rice with a sprinkling of cheese and just a hint of Mexican spice

Chicken Burrito - Slowed cooked shredded chicken with roast tomatoes, sweet roasted onions and peppers, zucchini and corn, black beans and Spanish rice and cheese with a hint of Mexican spice 

Vegetarian Burrito - A combination of roast vegetable, grilled corn, beans, Spanish Rice, cheese and Mexican spice


Each order contains 4 Burritos

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